Depth Insights

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

PLEASE NOTE: Depth Insights is taking a hiatus in 2017 while we complete our current issue and revamp our current format. Please check back for updates later in the year.

Depth Insights™ is a semi-annual scholarly journal that appears in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, and serves as the primary scholarly peer-reviewed depth psychology publication for the online community, Depth Psychology Alliance.

All articles and essays undergo peer review and editing to meet our high standards for publication.

Each issue is provided as a downloadable PDF as well as a set of easy to navigate web pages.


Our MISSION is to publish well-written, high quality depth-psychology-based articles, essays, poems, and art that best illustrate how depth psychology can enhance the lives of those who engage with information and practices aimed at accessing the unconscious. Understanding the symbols and messages that that come through from the unconscious can help orient and and guide us in daily life, as well as offer insights that help us make meaning. Depth Insights scholarly journal appeals to a wide audience, from those who are new to Jungian and depth psychological ideas as well as to those who are seasoned scholars and practitioners in the field.

We consider well-written essays and articles grounded in depth psychology, focused on topics such as dreams, nature/ecopsychology, psychotherapy, pathology, trauma, archetypes, mythology, shamanism, art/art therapy, astrology, divination, and alchemy, to name a few.

We especially welcome works that illustrate how depth psychology and related topics (like those listed above) can make a difference in the world when applied to contemporary culture, social issues, mainstream media, or professional fields such as business, health care, non-profits, education, science, etc. We also welcome book reviews and 

Please use APA documentation for all essays/articles. See more detailed submission guidelines here: